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To nurture and develop physical and inner strength by means of asana, pranayama and meditation and in doing so igniting your inner smile.
The benefits of Yoga

The benefits of Yoga are numerous, here are a few:

  • You can start yoga at any age
  • The stronger you are the lighter you will feel
  • The more flexible you are the less prone to injury you will be, the practice compliments other physical pursuits, i.e. running, golf, climbing, cycling
  • Helps to make you feel grounded and relaxed
  • Yoga is a holistic practice – body, mind, breath (the breath is the bridge between the body and the mind).


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Welcome to Ari'om' Yoga

I offer a wide range of yoga classes (in the Lothians) for people of all ages whatever the fitness levels. Yoga is a discipline but for all the right reasons. Lesson plans are created to make your yoga a progressive practice.

It’s worth the effort …………………………..You are worth the effort.

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