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Ariom Studio



EICA Ratho




Edinburgh International Climbing Arena (EICA), Ratho www.edinburghleisure.co.uk
Drumbrae Leisure Centre 30 Drum Brae Terrace Edinburgh, Midlothian EH4 7SF www.edinburghleisure.co.uk
Ariom Studio Colinton Edinburgh (contact Moira for details)











The majority of classes are general with a number of students practicing together with modifications, where required. That is the joy of yoga. We can work together whilst still maintaining our personal practice. Yoga can be as strong or as gentle as you decide it should be. All classes are structured to be progressive.



Individual tuition is available by appointment.


Class Fees
How to book

General classes drop-in fee - £15


Private tuition (one-to-one) can be arranged by

appointment - £40 per hour


Lesson plans will be tailor-made to address

specific needs.

You can book by filling in the form on the CONTACT page.







Chakra Balance £35
date: tba
time: tba

Ariom Studio:

Presenting a holistic approach to well-being that positively affects all aspects of the mind, body and spirit. Working with the seven main chakra centres to optimise the dynamic flow of energy around the body. The ultimate goal is balance in everything we do, not too much, not too little. Balance between the crown and root chakras is crucial to your well-being. To be fulfilled we must learn to live fully in the world whilst appreciating our spiritual essence.

This is an opportunity to work with asana, pranayama, mudra and visualisation to create harmony.

Setting Goals with Intention £35
date tba.

Ariom Studio:

Make a commitment to align your worldly actions with your inner values.
You are what your deep driving desire is;
As your desire is, so is your will
As your will is, so is your deed
As your deed is, so is your destiny


Who Am I £35

date tba

Ariom Studio:

Koshas can be used as a map towards an inner journey leading to your true self, the essence of who you are. Pancha Kosha are the five merging layers of consciousness and awareness, namely, Annamaya (physical), Pranamaya (breath), Manomaya (mind), Vijnanamaya (wisdom), Anandamaya (bliss). They are a conceptual method of understanding, that allows us to make sense of our experience. Develop the ability to be more and more fully present in the now, consciously realising the genuine, authentic you.

The Eight-Limbs of Yoga (fee £35)

date tba

Ariom Studio:

The Eight-Limbs of Yoga (Patanjali's Yoga Sutra) Patanjali's eight-fold path offers guidelines for a meaningful and purposeful life.


This art of right living was perfected and practiced thousands of years ago and the foundations of yoga philosophy were written down in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, approximately 200 AD. This sacred text describes the inner workings of the mind and provides an eight-step blueprint for controlling its restlessness

so as to enjoy lasting peace.


Yogah cittavritti nirodhah- "the stilling of the mind".

Vajra - Represents firmness of spirit and spiritual power (fee £35)

date tba

Ariom Studio:

Sanskrit Vajra means both Thunderbolt (irresistible force) and Diamond (symbolic nature of a diamond).
There are times when we think we can deal with whatever comes our way.
There are times when we doubt ourselves, feel insecure or not capable.
When we take a closer look we notice how important inner strength is to our self-confidence.
We can build inner strength with physical exercise (asana), breathing (pranayama) and mudras.

Welcome to South West , France, Gemozac

This is so much more than a holiday it's time to invest in yourself. Here is an opportunity to come to complete rest, to reflect and to feel completely at ease with yourself and your surroundings, staying in a delightful converted Charentaise barn (with heated pool). Places are limited, early booking is recommended.

For more information, click on the link below:

Holiday information


Yoga For Golfers
  • Yoga is a holistic practice encompassing the body (asana practice/postures) and the mind (creating positive/confident attitude).
  • Pranayama works with the breath (quietening the mind and allowing it to stay in the present) – “how many times have we talked ourselves out of that perfect round of golf with the mind racing ahead”
  • Yoga creates balance – the stronger you are the lighter you will feel / the more flexible you are the less prone to injury you will be.
  • “Release tension by learning the technique of relaxing before we address the golf ball creates space and increases the range of movement”
  • The Art of Visualisation – “seeing and achieving”
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